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Jeddy visited IndieNomicon in Orlando. Read his report from the street over on GameCola!

IndieNomicon posted a video which happened to feature my ladyfriend in the thumbnail, and I decided it would be cool to write a little feature on GameCola about the meetups. Check it out, and check IndieNomicon out if you’re in the Orlando area…!

After a pretty intense week of testing and coding, I’ve finally sent off copies of Pizzarian to a few people for a first round of testing. After I hear back, I’ll make some changes and send the game out to an expanded group and do a second round of testing. After that, if all goes well, I’ll consider the game good for publishing! How exciting!

That doesn’t really mean I get to take a break, though. While I’m waiting to hear the feedback, it’s time for me to take screenshots, make videos, get everything set up on Desura, and reach out to review sites.

… And, then it’s time to start on the next game I’ve had on my list! Maybe I can take a vacation before starting that one, though.

The past few days, I’ve been playtesting Pizzarian and making massive changes to the gameplay. The game took too long to earn money and upgrades cost too much, but by making the game more fast-paced, I ended up with a shorter game and had to come up with more variety. When I was programming the saving/loading functionality, I ended up deciding to add a bunch of statistics and awards/achievements to the game. I also just randomly have ideas.

I don’t really have a set deadline, but I had intended to send out test copies a few days ago. Instead, I’ve drastically changed the game and pushed the date out a bit.

I guess what strikes me about this is that I’m doing the vast majority of this at the last minute. It just makes me wonder about some of my favorite (Or, least favorite) games, and how different they’d have been if they’d had an extra week or month to develop. How many last-minute changes there were, or how many changes they didn’t have time to make.

I threw together a quick video showing the current lineup of weapons in action. In order, you’ll get to see the Laser Gatling, Beamer, Small Hadron Collider, Multitap, and Zapper. You’re not really supposed to shoot other vehicles in traffic, but it was the easiest way to show off the weapons.

Oh, it’s the day I planned on sending out test copies? Sounds like a good time to implement multiple new features.

Pounding out this code, today! A testable version should be ready by tomorrow. Then, it’s time to prepare for publicity and release while people check for bugs and give feedback about gameplay issues… My least favorite part of game development!!!

Alright! I’ve been busy lately, but I finally got around to making a demo video for Pizzarian. When I have a bit more time, I’ll sit down and make a proper promotional video, but for now, you can see what the game looks like in action.

There’s only a few things left on the big to-do list, but after that is a lot of polishing and bug testing. It’s probably still at least a month away from release, but the date is at least on the horizon!

I’ve gone through a few different concepts for the title screen today… This should do it, right?

I’ve gone through a few different concepts for the title screen today… This should do it, right?

Hey, we all have our issues with Gradius, but at least be civil about it.

Hey, we all have our issues with Gradius, but at least be civil about it.